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19839[Hammock Camping] Re: rope tie

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  • lpon2000
    Jan 31, 2009
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "C C Wayah" <ccwayah@...> wrote:
      > Sorry after reading your reply I didn't mean to ask about treehugger
      > failure.I was asking about the tension device load weights for tying
      up a
      > hammock. I have arthritis in my hands that makes it hard to untie my
      > hammock knots at times.
      > Rogene

      What knot are you using? I have always just used the Hennessy figure 8
      to set up the hammock - three over and under and arounds, and tie a
      half hitch. One tug to undo the half hitch, unwrap the rope, and done.
      I have been using a climbing biner (four bucks on sale somewhere, max
      load of 500# per biner) in the strap loops then wrapping the rope on
      the biner. I've been nervous the first few times but never gone butt
      to ground. I even use the figure 8 on the tarp - haven't been in a
      real storm with it but it's kept it taught so far.

      You might be asking the wrong question. Maybe the real question is,
      does anyone have suggestions for suspension for dexterity challenged
      hands. Moving to straps from ropes might be the trick. Slap straps are
      nylon - you can get polypro or polyester straps from speer
      (http://www.speerhammocks.com/Products/Supplies.htm) and rewhip your
      hammock ends with them. (Or have someone else do the whipping for you,
      if you can't get it tight enough.) Nylon, like the slap straps, will
      keep stretching; polypro will stretch some and stop, and polyester
      tends not to stretch.

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