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19838Tall guy looking to get into a hammock

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  • carrbear123
    Jan 30, 2009
      Hi folks,

      I've been checking out the forum to find previous posts on these
      questions, but haven't had luck. If it's been discussed before,
      please feel free to send me to the right place! Otherwise, I guess
      I'll just ask 'em all! :)

      I'm 6'3'', 225lbs; thinking about getting into a hammock for the
      first time. A buddy of mine is interested too (similar size), but is
      fearful of his lower back pain acting up in a hammock.


      1) Hammocks that advertise that 6'5'' and under will "fit"...will I,
      really, fit?

      2) How 'flat' can you really get in one (even at a diagonal)? Every
      pic I've seen of people lying 'flat' don't really look too flat - the
      middle of the body looks to sag down a good bit.

      2) Hennessy vs DD? Thoughts? Any other suggestions for an entry level

      3) Know of any stores that I could test a hammock in, without
      actually buying one first? (What if I really don't like it!?)

      4) Know of any outlets for used equipment, low prices? Or should I
      just stick with a new one from a dealer?

      Hope someone can give some good insight. Perhaps you'll gain another
      hammocking camper or two out of it! (Ha!) Thanks a bunch.

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