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19750Re: [Hammock Camping] Newby

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  • Scott Littlefield
    Jan 15, 2009
      For someone just starting out in Hammocking, here are two sites that you
      just simply must visit.


      If bugs are a problem, I very seriously recommend you go with the Hennessy
      Hammock. They're very easy to figure out as a Hammock newbie, and have a
      built in bugnet. Fewer parts to fiddle with and mess around with. If rain
      is a major issue, you might want to upgrade the stock rainfly to their
      larger Hex fly, but it's not necessary.

      In the Hammock Forums there is a section with most of the best known and
      highest quality vendors, each having their own thread section - check those
      out to see what you like best.

      And more to your questions an heat - just about any hammock system will work
      for hot or cold weather. You will simply add an item or two for cold
      weather and not take it in warmer weather. A cheap closed cell foam pad
      really works wonders for heat in a hammock (and you will find you want
      something similar even on warm nights - a cold back is common on nights as
      warm as 65* in a hammock). Then there are more expensive things like
      underquilts, down or synthetic, and can be anywhere from $100-$400. Myself,
      I live in Maine (yup, it gets cold - was neg. 14* F today) and I only use a
      pad (but I don't hammock in the crazy cold either).

      Good luck, and once you get through the minor learning curve on Hammocking,
      you'll find you never want to go to ground again. :)

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