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  • m2b1997
    Jan 14, 2009
      Just checking. Aren't the hammocks built by Ed and Hennessey normally
      made from ripstop nylon. They aren't using the sport nylon are they?
      I bought some ripstop last night and I'm little surprised by the BIG
      differences I noticed between the nylon hammock and the cotton
      hammock. Yeah, for outdoor use not much could beat nylon but indoor
      use...I'll take the cotton any day. It is so much better in many ways
      its incredible.

      I can use the cotton hammock for a chair(sitting with my legs crossed
      in the hammock, the backrest is great), but I wouldn't want to try it
      with the nylon, it's not rigid/stiff enough to allow you to lean back
      like the cotton is. The one annoying thing about nylon is how easily
      the foam pad slids around. That's going to take some getting used to.

      Admittedly, nylon does have the extra bit of water repellancy that
      cotton doesn't. Hence why I said for outdoor use nylon rules.

      MEANT 2B
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