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1971RE: Hammock Camping Question on a HEAVY USE hammock

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  • Ed Speer
    Jul 1 5:20 PM
      Jodi, I feel your pain!  Having a hammock fail under you is certainly not conducive for sleep!
      Your hanging space is limited and thus not suitable for many stands that  angle outward as much as 15'.  Instead of a stand, can you mount directly to the walls?  I've hung my hammock in the bedroom using 3/4" thick eyebolts screwed into 4' long 2X4's that are mounted horizontially so they could be screwed into several of the vertical studs inside the walls--dosen't look pretty, but it works.  My walls are sheetrock over thin boards.  Attaching the horizontal 2X4's to the wall studs is the key--I used lots of 4" long screws.  This has held for several years now and I too sleep in the hammock nearly every night.
      Hope you're back up and sleeping soon!  ....Ed
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      Ok y’all – I am totally happy sleeping in a hammock.  Beats a bed by a mile!!  I now have my Byer Traveller hammock hanging in my room – but – after only a couple of weeks in it, the strands are starting to break (had one break last night – hard time going back to sleep after that wondering if the blooming thing was gonna crash on me in the middle of the night!!).  I will be sleeping in this thing every night.  BUT – here is the problem – I have to be able to hang it within a 9 ½ foot area.  Any suggestions?  Remember, this thing will be used EVERY night.


      T’anks y’all!



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