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19673Re: [Hammock Camping] alcohol stove for hammock backpacker?

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  • EHamilton
    Jan 5, 2009
      Oh! OK. I made a soda-can stove w/ a Red Bull can and it held up well, at least on 2 overnights :-) I didn't drill/punch holes in the can. I cut a top piece and a bottom piece and then crimped the top piece so it would fit into the bottom piece, ala Penny Stove (although I hadn't seen the PS method at that time), and the little spaces from the crimps served as burner holes for the flames to come up through. I liked it so well I made a larger one w/ a Pepsi can. So simple, primes almost instantly, is its own pot support once primed.

      But I still want to try a Penny Stove. Maybe I just want to try the Heineken and need an excuse to buy pricey beer....

      From: Jeff <jwj32542@...>
      > So, what did you do with the Red Bull can? The ordinary Super Cat is
      made with just the cat-food can.

      I made one with the 3 oz can and another with the Red Bull can.  Just
      to see how it would work being that light.  It boiled but it's pretty


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