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19661Updated Page - Hammock Suspension

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  • Jeff
    Jan 3, 2009
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      Hey y'all - it's been a while since I've had time to check all the
      forums I used to have so much fun on, but the holidays have given
      some time to drop in on a few of them. This list really started me
      into hammock camping, so it's great to see many of the same names
      still posting! Glad to see the good ideas are still flowing!

      I also took some time to finally update my website a bit and I
      thought some of you may be interested. I still need to update the
      insulation page with the SnugFit, MWUQ, all the half-underquilts and
      such, but I did update the tarp page recently. The latest trend
      seems to be larger winter tarps and tarptents so I put them on there.

      I also just added a page on hammock suspensions. It's not all-
      inclusive b/c there are too many good ideas floating around, but it
      has several pics of the systems I've seen or prototyped.

      Hope y'all find these pages useful. Please let me know if there's
      something you think should be added or something you disagree with.