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1966RE: Hammock Camping Re: Summer and the hammock

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  • J Cornelius
    Jul 1, 2003

      I found that I need the pad up to 60 degrees – I used to sleep really hot, but now, since I lost 90 lbs, I find I sleep cooler.  So much for the insulation layer LOL.  I’ll keep the pad tho and leave the 90 lbs out!!  But once I get to 60, I sleep just in the sleeping bag (a 35 degree bag) and usually leave it unzipped unless it rains in the night and the damp makes my joints ache.


      My two cents



      Abnormality is THE normality at this locality


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      Jim wrote:
      > I stopped using a pad when the temps got to 50 at night. I sleep in
      > a bag which gives me something underneath (sometimes unzipped
      > though) until the temps are mid-60s at which point I use the bag as
      > a quilt with nothing under me & the hammock.
      Thanks Jim!  This is just the info I was wanting.  Personally, with a
      nightime temp of 50 I had a problem with cold back at 3AM a few
      months back, using just a sleeping bag.  Perhaps you sleep warmer
      than I do. 

      Other's experiences?  I don't remember Ed covering this in the
      otherwise complete book.  However, it is likely that his book is more
      complete than my memory.  I was reading it in the winter with a
      particular set of filters in my brain.


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