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19643RE: [Hammock Camping] Keeping warm in winter

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  • Ed Speer
    Jan 2, 2009
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      Great idea! There are many ways to skin a cat & there are many ways to stay
      warm when winter camping. Of course, I make SegmentedPadExtenders, and down
      PeaPods & UnderQuilts for hammock warmth, but I'm always looking for other
      or better methods. Someday, technology will solve this problem for us.

      I'd love to have more time to experiment with alternative stay-warm systems
      for hammocks. AC or DC heaters, open or enclosed flames, chemical body
      warmers, & probably many others I've not thought of yet could each have
      legitimate uses. I know of folks who've plugged in an AC electric blanket
      with great success. For backcountry use, small motorcycle batteries & DC
      electric lap blankets for use in cars seems like a logical approach yet to
      be tried. Motorcycle riders & snowmobilers wear DC heated jackets &
      coveralls for winter warmth-wouldn't it be neat if we could adapt this for
      hammock use. Even if the heat lasted only one night, it could still be
      appropriate for many campouts.

      At this week's New Year's Eve campout atop Springer Mtn, GA, I used a 12-hr
      HotHands Body Warmer & was quite impressed! (Wal-Mart, <$2 for 3 pack; 1.3
      oz each). The heat lasted a full 10 hrs-they also come in 16 & 18 hr
      versions. There are versions for hands & feet as well. I'll gladly carry
      some on my winter campouts from now on. It's probably been 10 years or more
      since I'd tried these-they're vastly improved now..Ed

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      My son spent a couple of days in Maine camping out in 10 degree
      weather. I asked him how he keep warm and he told me he used an
      emergeny car powerstart battery assy. and plugged in his small heater
      set on 500 watts and it lasted two 8 hr nights. Here's another thought,
      use a winter tarp with a Zodi propane heater. Lugging around Powerstart
      car batteries and Zodi heaters only adds a couple of more pounds
      conpared with lugging around underquits and more padding. Each style of
      camping will have different sets of parameters. The style of camping
      using heaters and winter tents will only appeal to campers who pull
      small sleds while snowshoeing in on flat terrain and could care less
      about adding an extra couple of pounds. I think using special designed
      winter hammocks is the way to go for winter hammocking rather then
      modifing a 3 season hammock for winter conditions. Just my thoughts and
      nothing is set in stone.

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