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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Dec 29, 2008
      Hi, Tom, Ratty, Et Al-

      Tom-You and I "talked" about a possible Labor Day trip with your group, but hubby's and my timm off work did not allow as many days as we needed. We could not make it work. It would be great if we could set up something this summer.

      Ratty-How cool! We will have some fun here.

      As far as your Hennessy set up-I think you posted that you are fairly short. The Safari has a much deeper body as well as longer length than the other Hennessy models, so you will need to hang it proportioinally higher. You may see write-ups that say to hang the hammock ropes at about shoulder height or close to that. That is a good starting point for one sized to your height. Your shoulder height will be much lower than someone who is 6'6," a target user for the Safari. The direction to hang the hammock so the entrance is about chair height should still be close for you. It is just hard to figure that out without experience. How much everything sags will also depend on how far apart the trees are. Even with experience, you may find yourself needing to adjust things, but not to worry. If you have the straps slung around the trees, not wrapped tightly, you should be able to work the straps up or down without untying everything.

      Your best bet for insulation might be an SPE so that you can get insulation right under you. I might also use a big tarp, slug low, and/or an outer wrapping of a space blanket. For your hammock you may need to put two together. I'm thinking that most systems would end up bing incredibly bulky to wrap around your whold hammock body.

      We can work on this more later, since you are looking at starting with your hammock in the spring. There is a small group of Mid-Atlantic Hammock Hangers who get together a few time a year. Michael or someone will post whne the next event is planned. If not, I will speak up. Meeting on the Maryland AT makes it a bit of a ride for me, but it is a great group.

      Gotta run. I'm heading off to Ohio to see my parents in few hours.

      Happy New Year!


      Re: IntroductionPosted by: "Tom Galvin" thebaldguyd@... thebaldguydDate: Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:02 pm ((PST)) Hi Rosalleen,Ratty,Holly and 60+ and -60 and/or to whom it may concern, we are doing a Adirondack kayak trip on Long Lake 7/10-13 and the Raquette River from Long Lake to Tupper (no white water) from 7/24-27 this summer. Two of us are HH users. Maybe if you guys join us HH will get contagious with in the club. Our sites '09 schedule should be finished mid January.

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