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1963Question on a HEAVY USE hammock

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  • J Cornelius
    Jul 1, 2003

      Ok y’all – I am totally happy sleeping in a hammock.  Beats a bed by a mile!!  I now have my Byer Traveller hammock hanging in my room – but – after only a couple of weeks in it, the strands are starting to break (had one break last night – hard time going back to sleep after that wondering if the blooming thing was gonna crash on me in the middle of the night!!).  I will be sleeping in this thing every night.  BUT – here is the problem – I have to be able to hang it within a 9 ½ foot area.  Any suggestions?  Remember, this thing will be used EVERY night.


      T’anks y’all!



      Abnormality is THE normality at this locality


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