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  • ratsmouth@aol.com
    Dec 28, 2008
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      Well, how cool is that??? Are you a guy Hollis or a girl Hollis? LOL!
      I always tell people that Mom named me in a fit of post-partum
      depression, and I used to threaten her that I was gonna name her first
      grandchild Jerusha Chlorine, just for spite.

      I have to try setting up this contraption this spring, and I'm really
      hoping that I can figure it out. The figure-8 hookup on the ends is no
      problem, but things like "how high" and "how far apart" and "how do I
      make sure it's level" and "how do I get my tarp centered over
      it"....Those are the little techie problems I gotta work out so it
      becomes as easy as it looks in the videos.

      What flavor of hammock do you have? Where do you camp/backpack? Any
      plans for spring/summer camping?

      There's somewhere north of the Adirondacks? Who knew? Yeah, I thought
      the hammock looked downright perfect for our neck of the woods. Can't
      wait to try it out. JustJeff has been a huge help with the insulation
      ideas. (Thanks, Jeff!)


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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Re: Introduction

      Hi there,

      I'm not a baby boomer, but I'm a hammocker from just north of the

      Adirondacks, and I think we share a first name: I'm Hollis, too.

      Hammocks are FA
      NTASTIC for the Adirondacks. If there's anything I can

      do to help (including a get-together/hammock geek session), please let

      me know!



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      > Hiya!


      > New member here, and new to hammock camping, but not to camping.

      I'm a 60 year old

      > female living just south of the Adirondacks and just bought a HH

      Safari Deluxe. Not all that

      > interested in shaving weight, but in having an alternative to tent

      camping, especially as I get

      > older and creakier. Also, I kayak camp, so having a shelter that's

      compact and easy to put up

      > in a variety of ways to serve as bed, chair, lounge and kitchen fly

      is important to me. I camp

      > with a couple of other 60+ year old crones. We're all avid campers,

      paddlers and "moseyers"

      > and just enjoy each other's good company in the woods and on the


      > Looking forward to picking up ideas for making my HH comfortable and


      > Anybody else out there belong to the Baby Boom Generation?

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