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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Dec 28, 2008
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      Hiya, back!

      Are you "Ratty" form WomenHikers? If so, you may remember me, Rosaleen.

      Just south of the Adirondacks may put you within shouting distance of me, as I live a bit west of Boston.

      At anyrate, we have in common Hennessy Hammocks, moseying, and being in the same age range. (I reach 59 soon.) Hubby and I have a very rarely used canoe. I would consider getting a second-hand kayak, after I have a chance to see if my beat-up back can handle paddling one.

      I'm surprised that you went with a Safari Deluxe. They are HUGE. Even when weight is less of a consideration, an Expedition-sized hammock (same size as Asym Backpacker and Hyperlight models) is plenty for me at 5'9" and the Explorer is plenty large enough for hubby at 6'3." The Safari could fit 2 normal-sized people, but they would be smashed together... Too much "cuddling" to really sleep well for me. I can anslwer a lot of questions about Hennessy Hammocks, but my little comfort tricks for my Asym Backpacker would need to be modified to work with the much larger Safari.

      If you want to cross paths sometime, I can see about renting/borrowing a kayak, or hiking around your kayaking schedule, hooking up to camp. There may be a trail that roughly parallels one of your water trips. Alternatively, we might recruit someone to share my canoe.



      IntroductionPosted by: "holliscbarton" ratsmouth@... holliscbartonDate: Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:39 am ((PST)) Hiya! New member here, and new to hammock camping, but not to camping. I'm a 60 year old female living just south of the Adirondacks and just bought a HH Safari Deluxe. Not all that interested in shaving weight, but in having an alternative to tent camping, especially as I get older and creakier. Also, I kayak camp, so having a shelter that's compact and easy to put up in a variety of ways to serve as bed, chair, lounge and kitchen fly is important to me. I camp with a couple of other 60+ year old crones. We're all avid campers, paddlers and "moseyers" and just enjoy each other's good company in the woods and on the lakes. Looking forward to picking up ideas for making my HH comfortable and convenient. Anybody else out there belong to the Baby Boom Generation?

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