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19615Re: Winter hammock tents

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  • ginohav
    Dec 25, 2008
      I don't think designing a winter tent will make a sports car into a
      tank. Unless you know how to handle winter conditions in a hammock a
      novice winter camper can quickly get into trouble. Hammock campers
      are a small group compared to campers overall. Hammock camping in
      winter is like taking a small boat across an ocean. Experience counts
      and an order to make it appeal to more people you have to add a few
      luxuries. And right now the luxury of a tent to get out of the
      elements appeals to more winter campers. The advantages of a tent far
      outweigh the negatives. More winter campers have frozen to death
      trying to shave off a few oz's from their pack trying to go light.
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      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "ginohav" <ginohav@> wrote:
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      > ... Why not just design a winter hammock tent. I'm talking a true
      > > winter tent and not just a modified rain fly used as a tent...
      > I'm not sure how you are defining a true winter tent for a hammock.
      > Hammocks set up higher off the ground and usually attach to trees.
      > Also they require longer shelters due to the profile of a hammock.
      > All that would seem to complicate a few things for what I think of
      > a true winter tent for a hammock where you need to be able to handle
      > serious winds (and from any direction) and handle large clumps of
      > falling from limbs.
      > Tents are restricted to cleared flat areas that are hopefully
      > Hammocks inherently are not but become more restrictive along those
      > lines the more you try to put them inside a tent like enclosure.
      > hammocks you hope to have more site selection options to limit your
      > exposure. I worry that if you try to make true winter tent for a
      > hammock that it might be like trying to make a tank out of a sports
      > car where you end up with something that doesn't do anything well.
      > Dave Womble
      > aka Youngblood 2000AT
      > designer of the Speer Segmented Pad Extender, SnugFit Underquilt,
      > WinterTarp
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