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19612Re: Winter hammock tents

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  • hungry
    Dec 24, 2008
      I am currently building a hammock with a tent attachment. The hammock
      has 3/4" PVC tubing as spreader bars, to a width of about 30". The
      hammock is 7'4" long and can transform into a BAT hammock ( single
      point attachment) when the spreader bars are removed from their velcro
      sleeves. It has been a huge pain in the butt to build. :D But it
      looks fantastic. Building the rain fly/ tent today...it too must
      transform for the BAT mode...!

      I added a sleeve to the floor of the hammock for the insertion of a
      sleeping pad. I can fit a full sized foam-style inflatable pad and a
      thing reflective pad as well, for colder weather.

      So far, so good...Wish me luck. :D
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