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19611Re: Winter hammock tents

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  • Dave Womble
    Dec 25, 2008
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "ginohav" <ginohav@...> wrote:
      ... Why not just design a winter hammock tent. I'm talking a true
      > winter tent and not just a modified rain fly used as a tent...

      I'm not sure how you are defining a true winter tent for a hammock.

      Hammocks set up higher off the ground and usually attach to trees.
      Also they require longer shelters due to the profile of a hammock.
      All that would seem to complicate a few things for what I think of for
      a true winter tent for a hammock where you need to be able to handle
      serious winds (and from any direction) and handle large clumps of snow
      falling from limbs.

      Tents are restricted to cleared flat areas that are hopefully level.
      Hammocks inherently are not but become more restrictive along those
      lines the more you try to put them inside a tent like enclosure. With
      hammocks you hope to have more site selection options to limit your
      exposure. I worry that if you try to make true winter tent for a
      hammock that it might be like trying to make a tank out of a sports
      car where you end up with something that doesn't do anything well.

      Dave Womble
      aka Youngblood 2000AT
      designer of the Speer Segmented Pad Extender, SnugFit Underquilt, and
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