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19605Winter hammock tents

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  • ginohav
    Dec 22, 2008
      Winter hammock camping is great except for wind chill (known by other
      names as well). While a rain fly will reduce wind chill it doesn't
      eliminate it and if the temp. drops low enough even the most hardened
      winter hammock camper (if you don't build snow walls ect.)will go to a
      tent. Why not just design a winter hammock tent. I'm talking a true
      winter tent and not just a modified rain fly used as a tent. I snowshoe
      into camp pulling a small sled and an extra 5 lbs means nothing to me.
      I'd rather be warm and comfortable then try a save a couple of oz's off
      my gear weight.I work outside in minus temp. everyday and wind is the
      biggest killer of all. I would design this tent without a floor so I
      can add a small tent (fold up type) wood burning stove. I'm talking
      real winter camping and not going out for a night or two in clear
      weather. While we are at it why not design a true winter hammock with
      insulation built into the hammock? Just my thoughts.
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