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19600Re: [Hammock Camping] Electric heating pad or blankets

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  • Bill Keiser
    Dec 9, 2008
      there are different kinds of camping. my motto is "i can rough it if
      i have to".
      my wife would like this idea. usually we take the down comforter car
      camping. if it's too cold for that, we're in front of the fireplace at
      if you do consider one of these, their so called "low draw" of 4 amps
      will require a fairly good battery. any electrical device that makes
      heat needs a lot of juice. i would not recommend using your car
      battery when the car is not running! a small jumper battery, usually
      about 17 AH will last about 4 hours and a large 55 AH deep cycle will
      probably hold up for one night.
      bill keiser

      "Ralph Oborn" <Ralph.oborn@...> wrote:
      > OK, I was gonna make fun of the gentleman's suggestion about
      plugging in,
      > I was gonna say if you are plugged in it wasn't "real" camping,


      > Ralph
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