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19599Re: Is 1 stud enough?

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  • aethericpower
    Dec 8, 2008
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Neal" <nealaustin@...> wrote:
      > I've been out in the hammock quite a bit and want to hang a hammock in
      > a room in my house. I have a typical American house with 2x4 studs
      > that are 16" apart under gypsum board. My question is: If I screw a
      > eye-bolt with into a stud in each of the walls would it hold? Would
      > the horozontal pull possibly damage the walls. The walls are 9 feet
      > apart and non-load bearing. Would I need to structure the load over 2
      > studs? I weigh 200 lbs

      I used a metal pole hanging on window frames before. I used some
      clothing to stablize the pole from rolling on the frames. My hammock
      was tied to the pole.

      Currently I am using a stand that looks like this but cost me $19 from

      It works fine, just takes up a lot of space in terms of length.
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