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19598RE: [Hammock Camping] Electric heating pad or blankets

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  • Ed Speer
    Dec 8, 2008
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      Ralph, I actually do have one of those 12 volt cig lighter plug-in
      blankets-works great in the car spread over my lap & legs. But I've yet to
      try it in the hammock. I'm sure it will work just fine for hammocks-at
      least for the few hours before the battery is drained! A 110v electric
      blanket should also give great warmth, as you say, as long as the outlet is

      I've also checked into 12 volt wired jackets & suits (a la motorcycle &
      snowmobile riders)---but again, it's the same battery problem. I've also
      done a bit of research on a circulating hot-water system with a candle flame
      heat source-but again, weight, bulk & reliability problems make such a
      system unsuitable. So that brings us back to using our bodies as the most
      reliable heat source when away from electricity-and thus the need for
      PeaPods, SnugFit UnderQuilts, TopBlankets & insulated sleeping pads to trap
      & prevent the loss of that body heat..Ed

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      OK, I was gonna make fun of the gentleman's suggestion about plugging in,
      I was gonna say if you are plugged in it wasn't "real" camping,
      I was gonna gently rib him and suggest more traditional backpacking ways to
      keep warm (hot rocks) (water bottle)(companion (canine or human))(excercise)

      I was gonna make the old joke about where I go I'd need a 100 mile extension

      The my gmail brought up this side ad........


      Hmmmm :]

      Ralph (as always "hike your own hike")

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