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19570Re:Is 1 stud enough?

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  • Neal
    Nov 24, 2008
      I really like Carey's Idea and after thinking it through I think
      that's the solution that I will be choosing. First I will be using two
      Eye-bolts on each wall into a stud exactly 1 2x4 height above each
      other. The 2x4 rests on the bottom eye-bolt( rated 175 lbs) with a
      lagbolt between the two eyes and through the 2x4 (Kinda like a hinge).
      Another eyed lagbolt will go through the 2x4 with the eye on the
      bottom. This solution can also go into a corner of a room using two
      adjacent walls. The 2x4 resting on the eye-bolt absorbs all of the
      horizontal pull. The Stud in the wall can absorb the vertical weight.
      It's easily removable with only the 4 eye-bolts remaining in the two
      walls. One reason I want to use this hinge type construction is
      because the Studs in the opposing walls don't line up. Also I will be
      connecting two 2x4's together with 3 lag-bolts (2 with wing-nuts 1
      normal) to make the 2x4 bar foldable and thus more portable.
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