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19568Re: [Hammock Camping] Is 1 stud enough?

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  • Arye P. R.
    Nov 23, 2008
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      In a word no ! don't risk it. 1- 2x4 stud that is 16" apart will not work with time they will bow under the weight and you will have cracked walls and or the screw eye may rip out. Furthermore depending on how secure the walls/studs are to the floor and celling you may even pull the whole wall down.

      You could use a 2x8 or 10 x 24 inches wide horizontally mounted on the outside of the walls to spread the weight between two vertical studs. Than use 2 eye-bolts through a horizontal 2x4on the inside the walls bolted through to the outside 2x8.

      Personally I would build a frame of 3- 4x4s and 1- 2x4. One 4x4 horizontal at the top stretching between and lag screwed into 2 vertical 4x4s against the walls with a 2x4 as a stretcher at the bottom to keep the legs from pulling in. Than L brackets to support horizontal legs on the floor to keep it all vertical. With this you can hang the hammock from the top or from the sides or hang 2 hammock chairs from the top side by side.

      Don't use screw-eyes, use eye-bolts that go clear through and use oversize washers before securing the nuts on the bolt

      Or a frame of steel pipe as described elsewhere on this forum.
      in the photo section see image 6 in the album 'Rainbow04'

      Sapere Aude,

      Arye P. Rubenstein

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      From: Neal <nealaustin@...>
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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Is 1 stud enough?

      I've been out in the hammock quite a bit and want to hang a hammock in
      a room in my house. I have a typical American house with 2x4 studs
      that are 16" apart under gypsum board. My question is: If I screw a
      eye-bolt with into a stud in each of the walls would it hold? Would
      the horozontal pull possibly damage the walls. The walls are 9 feet
      apart and non-load bearing. Would I need to structure the load over 2
      studs? I weigh 200 lbs

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