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19563Re: Is 1 stud enough?

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Nov 23, 2008
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      Hi, J.A.-

      I'm not a carpenter, "nor do I play one on TV..." <w>

      Could the hammock hanging conundrum be solved in a more aestheticly-pleasing
      manner described next?

      Choose load-bearing walls. Install a pair (opposite each other) of wooden
      shelves with aprons at a height that works for the hammock. Hide a steel
      plate behind the apron, if necessary. Install carriage bolts through the
      aprons into 2 or 3 studs, passing as well through the steel plates. Plug
      the holes to cover the bolts. Install eye bolts in the placements of
      choice, and some "Shaker pegs." Place knick-knacks, books, hiking
      memorabelia/gear on shelves and decorative or functional items on pegs. If
      the hammock is taken down for any reason, just hang something over the eye
      bolts for camoflage.

      I THINK this would spread out the load when the hammock is used. If
      load-bearing walls are not available to this project, I would be looking at
      maybe installing a vertical floor to ceiling component that could attach to
      the ceiling and floor and be made decorative.

      Is this at all workable, in your professional opinion?



      Re: Is 1 stud enough?
      Posted by: "j.a. tackett" conifir1@... conifir1
      Date: Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:53 am ((PST))

      being a carpenter of 30 plus years.....you will pull that eye bolt out....

      i do not know if you own your house.......but if you do ....you can take a
      2x6 with a plate on the cieling running from joist to joist mounted with
      screws and a plate on the floor running from floor joist to floor joist
      with screws and a verticle 4x4 mounted to these 2 plates....that will do
      it.....and drill a hole in each verticle 4x4 for a nice secure tie down
      .....that is how i would approach this project

      if you want to make this more appealing to the eye then you will be tearing
      sheet rock or plaster and flooring to mount your verticle to the house
      with carriage bolts....
      then repairing your sheet rock and flooring ......

      either way good luck
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