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1956Re: Hammock Camping Field use questions

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    Jul 1, 2003
      To get out, turn it back over right side up. Easy way to do that is
      to roll like a log to one side. Then keep going until it is turned
      right side up. This will put less stress on the bug net than
      sticking a knee or foot into it to try to climb out.

      After all, rolling to one side is likely how you got upside down to
      begin with...


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Jay Willis <j.willis@e...>
      > Same thing happened to me. Woke up during the night - feet were
      cold (they were
      > sticking UP through the entrance slit) and I was looking DOWN at
      netting. Didn't
      > think much of it until early morning when I needed to take a nature
      > Couldn't get out. Panic. Calm down - think, how do I get out of
      this predicament?
      > I grabbed the sides of the opening to try to pull myself up. Just
      couldn't pull
      > hard enough. I thought about waiting a few hours until someone else
      in our camp
      > would be getting up. But I had to go NOW. Finally struggled and got
      out, but in
      > doing so I put an 8-inch rip in the netting. Never happened to me
      before. I must
      > have rolled over during the night and pulled out one of the tie-
      > colonelcorn76 wrote:
      > > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, amy <askowronek@m...>
      > > > I'm not Shane, but I've spent a fair amount of time reaching out
      > > of my
      > > > hammock. As far as the hammock movement goes, with the HH
      > > > it doesn't really matter. You can't roll it over, so the motion
      > > might
      > > > be unsettling but isn't dangerous.
      > >
      > > Au contraire mon ami! I have awoken on more than one occassion (3
      > > think) where I was looking up at the solid fabric and when I
      > > my head, I was looking down through the no-see-um netting. The
      > > news is that nothing tore or broke or anything. I pushed my feet
      > > (!) through the slit and pulled them over & down to stand up.
      > > matter to spin it around the ridgeline and re-tie the hammock guy
      > > lines. (Must have thrashed something serious in my sleep or tied
      > > really bad knots.)
      > >
      > > The first time I was sure I must have wrecked the thing. The other
      > > two times I just got out and back in again. No sweat.
      > >
      > > I'm about 180 and spend have a HH Ultralight A-Sym.
      > >
      > > Jim
      > >
      > >
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