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19557Re: [Hammock Camping] sleeping bags

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  • j.a. tackett
    Nov 21, 2008
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      back in the dark ages when i was stationed in africa....i slept in a hammock for almost 5 years....and i used a rectangular bag.....
      i just layed the bag on the hammock and crawled on top of it....
      but that was a rectangular .....
      but that was then....when i was in my 20`s
      now in my late 50`s and getting ready to hit the road on my bicycle...
      i just thought i start asking questions before i make a mistake
      but in the 70`s when you are young and dumb .....you don`t ask questions
      thanks for your in put....
      this is what i need before being uncomfortable....

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      From: Ralph Oborn <Ralph.oborn@...>
      Subject: Re: [Hammock Camping] sleeping bags
      To: hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, November 21, 2008, 1:18 PM

      It's inconvenient to get yourself into any sleeping bag with a hammock.
      I have 2 Hennessys and need to don the sleeping bag while standing
      through the bottom slit, then sit back, pull in my feet, etc. Add a pad
      to the mix and you can be involved in quite the wrestling match. I did
      that only once. It's no easier in a conventional (top entry)
      gathered-end hammock.
      What to do? Mummy bag, left open, feet in the foot box and drape it
      over you and tuck the sides under you. The supershelter will provide
      under body insulation.

      If I might chime in.

      Most of the problems I've seen with sleeping bags and hammocks is people are
      trying to slide INTO them like they would on the ground (the hard horrid
      ground). Open the bag up and lay in it then pull the top over like you do
      when you get into a bed.

      Once I show my scouts that, their life is much easier.

      I too would reccommend a mummy style bag, less weight and bulk, more
      warmth. And you will find you toss and roll around a whole lot less in a

      And as someone who also has woke up panicked in the dark because I couldn't
      find my way out of a bag, I now sleep with a flashlight around my neck (and
      two in my HH pouch!! :] )


      PS my scouts sleep in a version of the Risk Test Hammock (toploader) that we
      make for under $10 and don' t ever want to go to ground again.

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