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  • ypsyculman
    Nov 13, 2008
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "conifir1" <conifir1@...>
      > i own a hh super shelter
      > the reason i bought it is for comfort...
      > now i have in the past owned goose down bags to sleep in....
      > and they are great as long as they do not get wet...
      > so last week i picked up a marmot aspen 40 degree 2lb 2 oz bag
      > this is a synthetic bag...
      > also i saw that marmot also has this bag in goose down...for a few
      > dollrs more....but again in the back of my mind i do not want to
      > with trying to dry out a down bag while traveling on my mountain
      > bike ....
      > so i need some input...
      > oh yes i do have a heatsheets emergency bivvy to put on top of the
      > foam for extra insulation ...
      > so what i am asking is for pro`s and cons on "down bags"
      to "synthetic
      > bags" with the use of a hh super shelter...

      I also have a HH SS, and have hiked in virtual constant rain, as well
      as fallen over in a rushing creek. My bag was compressed in a 'water
      resistant' stuff sack, in my pack. It has never gotten even slightly
      damp. Condensation has never affected it either. Including my bike
      packing, and from what I have read on various net postings, wet
      sleeping bags are not very likely. You could double bag it, with the
      outside bag being a new clean trash bag. Nashbar WP panniers have
      never let me down.
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