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19542RE: [Hammock Camping] which is best, inflatable or foam sleeping mat

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  • Chinell, David F (GE EntSol, Security)
    Nov 10, 2008
      I prefer closed-cell foam pads. Starting with a pad that's about 2 x 6
      feet (60 x 180 cm), I cut the pad in half to create two pieces 2 x 3
      feet (60 x 90 cm). I roll these and put them inside my backpack to form
      the internal frame of the pack. I put them in the hammock either
      side-by-side, or in a T shape. This is the best value for under-body
      insulation I've found. Having two pieces makes it possible to create
      insulation that's wide enough to cover my shoulders, but that can still
      be packed comfortably.

      I don't know about using them in an HH though, as that design makes it
      somewhat more difficult to manage what's underneath you.


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