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19541RE: [Hammock Camping] An oversize miltary foam pad---too much of a good thing?

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  • Ed Speer
    Nov 10, 2008
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      Closed cell foam pads can work very well in a hammock but some are notorious
      for slipping out from under you. I struggled with this for years before
      coming up with multiple solutions. Using a 12”x12” piece of mesh rubberized
      shelf liner (5’ piece from WalMart is ~$1) between the pad & the hammock
      will stop all slipping. In addition, Dave Womble & I designed the Segmented
      Pad Extender, available from Speer Hammocks--it addresses the slipping
      issue, uses regular width pads, & provides separate insulated side wings
      that easily curve around one’s shoulders while in the hammock. The SPE also
      allows stacking of two or more sleeping pads, making it very flexible for
      all-weather hammocking. Alternately, we also offer a ¼”-thick CCF pad that
      is ‘grippy’ & does not slide on the hammock fabric….Ed

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      Subject: Re: [Hammock Camping] An oversize miltary foam pad---too much of a
      good thing?

      do not get me wrong ....and i am not trying to rain on your parade.....from
      what the guy at
      HH in B.C. told me the type of inuslated foam pad you want to use...will
      slide around under you all night...have you found out something different?

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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] An oversize miltary foam pad---too much of a good
      To: hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com <mailto:hammockcamping%40yahoogroups.com>

      Date: Sunday, November 9, 2008, 12:32 PM

      One can find almost anything on ebay with an investment of patience over
      days or weeks and a good selection of search terms. I wanted an oversize
      military type foam pad for use in my netless HH---and, my Lawson-if I ever
      get around to using it.

      What I found was a foam pad 72" long, 32" wide, and 1/2" thick. It cost a
      reasonable $12.49 but the UPS charge was $10---high from Mesa to Flagstaff
      but a second one only cost an additional $6 shipment charge so I ordered
      two. They were there the next day.

      Now, I have something that is almost too much of a good thing!!!!!!!

      As far as width---it woud do a bit of overlapping the edge of the hammock at
      the foot end and at the head-so, I am tempted to trim both those ends.

      Even in the hip-shoulders area----32" is a bit too generous. I am not Andre
      the Giant.

      Another factor---this may be the same type foam inside as the military
      ones---but, the outside has a more slippery texture. I can see both plusses
      and minuses in that feature.

      Any ideas????

      Here are links to photographs showing the new foam pad compared to a
      standard military issue one.

      http://s457. photobucket. com/albums/ qq297/flagstaffb ackpackers/
      ?action=view& current=CIMG0463 b.jpg

      http://s457. photobucket. com/albums/ qq297/flagstaffb ackpackers/
      ?action=view& current=CIMG0464 .jpg

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