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1953Re: Summer and the hammock

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  • Risk
    Jul 1, 2003
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      Jim wrote:
      > I stopped using a pad when the temps got to 50 at night. I sleep in
      > a bag which gives me something underneath (sometimes unzipped
      > though) until the temps are mid-60s at which point I use the bag as
      > a quilt with nothing under me & the hammock.
      Thanks Jim! This is just the info I was wanting. Personally, with a
      nightime temp of 50 I had a problem with cold back at 3AM a few
      months back, using just a sleeping bag. Perhaps you sleep warmer
      than I do.

      Other's experiences? I don't remember Ed covering this in the
      otherwise complete book. However, it is likely that his book is more
      complete than my memory. I was reading it in the winter with a
      particular set of filters in my brain.

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