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19518Re: [Hammock Camping] Exped Down Mat 7 or Stephenson's DAM

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  • Jeff Palmer
    Oct 27, 2008
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      I use a Stephenson DAM on the ground as well as with my hammock. I
      won't camp without it. On the ground, it is far superior to any other
      pad I've tried. The DAM also works well with my Speer type hammock.
      To use it with the hammock, I can't have much sag and can't sleep at
      an angle. The pad will slide so the hammock has to be flat. I've
      slept in the hammock with the DAM down to 10 degrees F. I do put
      clothing along the side of the pad where I might touch the hammock
      for more insulation. The pad is 28 inches wide, wider than other pads
      I've tried.


      On Oct 27, 2008, at 5:17 PM, Joe Federici wrote:

      > I'm looking to but either the Exped Down Mat 7 or a Stephenson's Down
      > air
      > mats. If anyone has used them or another brad I'd be interested in
      > hearing what you thought.
      > I've read a lot of review on the Exped 7 and everyone seems to like
      > it but the Stephenson's look to be a better shape and also weigh a
      > bit less. That said there website doesn't look to be very up to date
      > and when I called them directly they didn't have much info. I'm
      > hopping some else may have go through this and can provide some
      > feedback.
      > thanks in advance.
      > JFF

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