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195RE: Hammock Camping reality seting in

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  • Marge Prothman
    Jan 18, 2003
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      Now, that is the one thing I have not tried, the reflector next to my body, I have it in first and then the Pad next to me.
      I will try it here in the yard just as soon as the night temps come up to about 25 F.  Right now at 8.a.m. it is 10F.  I also
      would like a wider pad, but maybe with the reflector on top it might make a difference.  I do not want to get any heavier
      in my pack weight, and the two, Mt.Wash.Pad and the reflector, do not make much difference in my pack weight.
      I am still learning.
      Cheers,   Marge
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      I know this is a question that gets asked again and again, but anyway...
      do you put your windshield reflector under your pad or between your pad and your bag (or something else)
      I talked to Tom H. a while back and he said the reflector pad should be as close to your body as possible if you are wearing some kind of insulating clothing, like fleece.  I haven't tried his suggestion yet, but I respect the guy's knowledge, however, it seems like the reflector should be between the pad and bag.
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