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19495Re: hennesey hammock coming in the mail

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  • flomotflashjr
    Oct 8, 2008
      18Ah 12v SLA is a battery. 18Ah(Amp hours) means it is rated to
      supply .9 amps for twenty hours. If your discharge rate is higher
      than that you will not get quite 18Ah out of it. 12v is the voltage
      of the battery in this case 12 volts. SLA(Sealed lead acid) is the
      type of battery. SLA batteries are cheap but very heavy. If you
      watch your charge rate, too fast heast things up and shortens battery
      life, and don't discharge the battery past 80 percent, again not
      exceeding the .9A rating to avoid heating, you can expect to get 300
      or so charges from a SLA type battery. NiCd(Nickle-cadmium), NiMH
      (Nickle-Metal Hydride) and LI(Lithium Ion)are other choices. All
      store more power than SLA per pound of battery. Lithium Ion are the
      lightest and the most expensive. You will also need special chargers
      for the Lighter baterries.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "David Fox" <amendment2@...>
      > For a recent cycle tour I carried a full solar demonstration rig
      > panel, 18AH 12V SLA, two multimeters wired into it, charge
      > powering a laptop, inverter and various other things) but that
      > weighed about 20kg.
      > <http://geo.yahoo.com/serv?
      > =19490/stime=1223514369/nc1=4767085/nc2=5379224/nc3=4763761>
      > __,_._Please educate me, what is an 18AH 12V SLA? 18 Amp Hour, 12
      > something?
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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