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19480Re: [Hammock Camping] hennesey hammock coming in the mail

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  • Elizabeth Young
    Oct 7, 2008
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      conifir1 wrote:
      > i did it i sent for my super shelter expedition now boys and girls i
      > am now looking for ultra light tent poles incase i will have to use
      > it as a tent.......any ideas .........how long of poles i will
      > need...........and whom do i order these from
      > also has anybody messed around with any solar chargers...........what
      > kind? and who did you purchase the charger from?

      Don't know about solar chargers but if you don't use hiking poles I've
      used poles from an old Eureka Timberline tent to support tarps or you
      could get some pole supplies (from someplace like www.questoutfitters or
      www.owfinc.com) and make just the right length. And I have no idea how
      long the pole ought to be since I am new to this hammocking thing.

      liz young
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