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1945up date, seize continues

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  • robi dawson
    Jul 1, 2003
      WEll, to my surprise Eva, my wife, .sat in the hammock while having wine and talking to her sister, spent over 2.5 hours just sitting there. considering that she was actually skeptic at first this comes as good news to me. however, i did not get to sleep in it for i could not stay awake long enough for them to finish.

      \I came home form errands and work, it's blistering hot and all i wanted to do was take a nap in the hammock.

      My two sons were in it and would not get out. The have been pestering me since i got home to make them hammocks. They have continued their seize on the store room. I am sure if they could figure out how to set up the bobbin on the sewing machine they would have havled my tarp to be and made two kiddie hammocks already.

      this hammocking thing seems more addictive than drugs....


      PS, a funny side note. all three kids use HAMMOCK instead of Fuggoagy (the hungarian word) cause it sounds better...

      At 02:51 PM 7/1/03 +0000, you wrote:
      We posted a lot of experience last winter about using a hammock in
      cold weather.  Diane and I are going to take an overnight on
      Thursday.  Nightime low is expected to be "in the mid 60s.  Daytime
      temps are to be in the upper 80s. 

      What experience do we have with going padless in the hammock?  How
      warm does it have to be before the hammock works better as a keep me
      cool enough to sleep without a pad system?

      I'd guess this is one of the reasons our fellow Central American 
      hammockers use the hammock.  After all, they probably need to stay
      cool when sleeping instead of sleeping on a pile of insulation.

      Shane,  some of your comments about sleeping in summertime LA come to
      mind, but I don't remember any of it with specific nightime lows

      Looking forward to y'all's collective wisdom,


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