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19429Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: HH tree huggers & tree damage--correct links

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  • Rodney Diseker
    Sep 9, 2008
      Hello Cara,

      HH does sell 1.5 and 2" straps. I am a big guy, so I use the 2".

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      On Sep 8, 2008, at 10:33 PM, Cara Lin Bridgman <cara.lin@...> wrote:

      Hi David,

      Stock Hennessey tree huggers are 1 inch wide and about 4 feet long.
      Hennessey sells 6-feet long ones, but none wider.

      I first noticed a treehugger effect abut 2 years ago when hanging from
      /Cryptomeria japonica/ at a 1500 m elevation campsite. It wasn't so
      much the tree hugger embossing the tree with the strap pattern as
      rubbing off the moss clinging to the tree. I revisit this site for a
      bird survey each season, so I was able to see that after about a year
      the tree and moss at least looked as though I'd not hung from them.
      Repeated use, however, would be another story.

      It's this past trip. I had two options for rigging the hammock to one
      tree: tree huggers once around and looped through each other or tree
      huggers 1.5 times around and cinched down with spectra coming into
      contact with the tree. I knowingly chose the latter (mainly because it
      would be more secure to me, even if rougher on the tree) and expected
      some damage--just not as much as actually occurred. I also knowingly
      grossly overloaded the hammock (We did not just exceed the hammock's
      warranted weight limit, we almost doubled it! The hammock probably
      survived because it was hung fairly loose). From previous trips, I did
      expect to see some of the embossing that occurred (i.e. those pictures
      in which you can see the grain of the treehugger straps on the bark of
      the tree). What really surprised me was the tree hugger abrasion on the
      other tree

      In the trade off between LNT and light-weight, the treehuggers are a
      decent compromise. They are a distinct improvement over just tying the
      spectra to the tree (and my photos show that spectra was definitely
      harder on the tree than the treehuggers). They are also multi-use in
      that they help keep hammock and spectra clean from pine gum, etc.

      Carrying wider and longer tree huggers will come at a weight penalty. I
      have also decided to carry biners, because this makes it much easier to
      do a Hennessey Wrap (around spectra and biner) if I have to cinch the
      tree hugger around an exceptionally large tree (i.e. one tree hugger
      loop through the other and then tied to the hammock). Biners are also a
      weight penalty.

      Well, my husband and I could have been a lot more LNT about placement of
      his tent. There was a patch of gravel that would have supported his
      tent with lots less effect on the vegetation. So, when it came down to
      complete LNT and our comfort and convenience (and maintenance of our
      equipment), LNT definitely lost a little ground.


      David Fox wrote:
      > Cara, How wide did you say your tree huggers are?

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