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  • Chuck Kime
    Sep 2, 2008
      --- On Tue, 9/2/08, Chuck Kime <ckime@...> wrote:

      > From: Chuck Kime <ckime@...>
      > Subject: Fuzzy
      > To: chuck_kime@...
      > Date: Tuesday, September 2, 2008, 11:47 AM
      > All,
      > I�ve been OOP for quite a while (and I miss y�all
      > sumthin�
      > terrible), but times are a-changin�, so I may be able to
      > check in more
      > regularly in the foreseeable future. For now, a brief
      > update or two
      > (if�n you don�t care, now�s your chance to move
      > on)�
      > Following my late January loss of employment, while just
      > shy of 10
      > years with that company, I started work as a Business
      > Analyst with
      > Streamlight, Inc. on May 5 - Happy Cinco de Mayo! Things
      > are going
      > well: I will be traveling to Minneapolis in 2 weeks for
      > some additional
      > software training, I have completed my 90-day probation,
      > and have moved
      > into a private office - the first door I have had in my
      > career. I just
      > can�t access Yahoo mail or groups from work. L There is
      > a Burger
      > King about a mile down the road that has wireless access,
      > though I
      > don�t have a laptop to take advantage of it, but they
      > also have 5
      > terminals available if I get there at the right time of
      > day. I�m
      > sending this from one of them.
      > Mary�s older son, John, started Cabrini College as a
      > Criminal Justice
      > major a week ago. My son, Alex, has completed his first
      > half-semester
      > at DeVry University, majoring in Video Game and Simulation
      > Programming.
      > The youngest, James, started his senior year of high school
      > this
      > morning. Time�s fun when you�re having flies� er,
      > switch that�
      > Those of you who have been around for a while may remember
      > that Mary
      > and I took the boys to D.C. for spring break 4 years ago
      > and were
      > rear-ended by a Freightliner shortly before heading home.
      > The kids were
      > OK except for some bumps and small cuts from flying glass,
      > but I wound
      > up with some herniated disks in my neck that effectively
      > ended my
      > part-time nursing career and Mary had to undergo 2
      > surgeries, one of
      > which involved a cadaver bone graft in her neck along with
      > a plate and
      > screws. Following years of legal wrangling, multiple trips
      > back down to
      > D.C., and useless mediation, we were finally scheduled for
      > a pre-trial
      > hearing for last Tuesday. We just want to be able to walk
      > away without
      > having to pay any more than we already have. Two weeks
      > prior to the
      > hearing, however, we received a settlement offer that -
      > after the lawyer
      > takes his 1/3 cut - will leave us with enough to pay off
      > all of the
      > credit cards and the car loan, cover room and board for
      > John at Cabrini,
      > and (finally) allow me to afford at-home internet access so
      > I can catch
      > up with everyone again.
      > I figure to have the settlement check in hand by the end of
      > the month,
      > and be able to get back in touch by Halloween. For those
      > who need to
      > reach me, my Yahoo mail is still valid, though I can�t
      > check it as
      > often as I would like, and I am listing my work email as
      > well. I am at
      > the office from 8-5 Eastern Time, Mon-Fri, and can be
      > reached as shown
      > below.
      > Fuzzy
      > a.k.a. Chuck Kime
      > chuck_kime@...
      > ckime@...
      > 800-523-7488 x8716 or 610-631-0600 x8716
      > P.S. - Shane, how ya doin�? It looks a bit wet down your
      > way.

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