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19395Re: Who uses a vest to boost sleep systems warmth?

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  • ypsyculman
    Sep 1 3:21 AM
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      Your question:
      Does any one hear have experience using vests for making a bag or
      quilt or pod warmer, and if so, how helpful was it? Do you feel that
      it is a lot of warmth for the weight, or not so much?

      Greetings Bill,

      Yes, I use bib ski pants, and a quilted polyester vest for temps down
      to the high 30's.
      With only a fleece hoodie, (or parka/windbreaker), and double wool
      socks, and lite fleece blanket. Always a double space blanket under
      my HH SS, any time of year. The ski pants, and vest are inexpensive,
      and, compress down quite well. This combination allows good movement
      inside the hammock, and also getting up at night. Neither items are
      expensive, purchased at discount stores, or off season, but, would
      sure use down if I could afford it.

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