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19379Re: Hammock Camping] PeaPods warmth and HH

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  • billybob38801
    Aug 26, 2008
      You know, I have used my Pea Pod when lows were in the high 60s or
      about 70, and did OK. If I had tried to use a down bag of similar
      thickness, I would have burned up. I just hung it loose so that
      there was a decent gap below me, and started out with it closed only
      around my feet. As the night wore on and cooled off slightly and the
      wind picked up, I just fastened it loosely above me, leaving it
      gapping open in several spots. It was just fine. Admittedly it would
      be a bit heavy to take on the trail at these temps, but sometimes
      temps can be quite cold one night and much warmer the next. It just
      shows what is probably about the greatest versatility available among

      Another thing I have found works good, compared to the mummy bags I
      often use, is to "rotate" the PeaPod when I shift to my side.
      Sometimes when I have a hood cinched down, if I turn to my side by
      rotating in the bag, (which is easier than turning the whole bag with
      your arms inside) then my head is not positioned right in the hood
      opening.Plus, some bags are not as warm on the bottom, and if they are
      down,it is flat.

      So if you turn by rotating the whole bag, your back might be cold, at
      least for a little while until the down lofts back up. But I have
      noticed that I can turn to my side in the Pod, then rotate the entire
      Pod around the hammock, so that the Velcro is to the side, and a small
      breathing hole is right in front of my face, if desired. All of the
      down remains fully lofted and warm. That is hard to beat.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "ptoddf" <ptoddf@...> wrote:
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com.....................
      > I mean, a sleeping bag this down heavy would be an oven in anything
      > other than quite cold weather. Unless you were using it as a
      > mattress. Then it gets colder and when you pull it around you or
      > close it up, it's way too hot. I don't like being constricted like a
      > mummy either. Hope my POV is clearer now.
      > Best, Todd F.
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