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19369Re: [Hammock Camping] an introduction and a battle plan for next summer

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Aug 25 5:41 PM
      Hi Conifir1,

      About your bike--have you looked at <xtracycle.com>? There's a yahoo
      group for xtracycles (<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rootsradicals/>)
      and members include one guy who frequently carries solar cells with
      which to recharge his bike's electric motor. Adding a FreeRadical to
      turn your bike into an Xtracycle completely eliminates any thought of
      carrying things on your back and all the inconvenience of pushing a bike
      with panniers. Quite a few people have 'xtracyclerized' their Trek bikes.

      Quite a few people are doing some real camping and traveling with
      xtracycles. Including the group that is Riding the Spine
      (<http://www.ridingthespine.com>)from Prudhoe Bay to Tierra del Fuego.
      I don't know if they're using hammocks, but other xtracyclists
      definitely are: <http://clevercycles.com/?p=238> (scroll down to see
      Hennessey Hammocks).

      You may also want to check out the yahoo group
      <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BackpackingLight/> for help with
      lightening up equipment.

      who has to stay away from gluten because of celiac disease.

      snips from conifir1:
      > 2. when they take your drivers licenses away from you when you get
      > older ............and they can do that.................they cannot
      > take away your bicycle..............that way i can disappear on my
      > bicycle and just go......when i get too old and too crabby.....

      > i have been looking at a handle bar bag that will hold my sleeping
      > bag and hennesey hammock and my fly rod caddy(24 inches long x 1.5

      > a frame pack that will hold my whisper lite international stove and
      > space for other items

      > and the largest saddle bag for clothing and what ever ........

      > in a perfect world i am trying to keep from carrying anything on my
      > back.......
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