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1936North Country Trail section hike

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  • chetc43537
    Jun 30, 2003
      MY brother and I did a weekend hike on the NCT through Wilderness
      State Park, near Mackinaw City Michigan, this past weekend. I was
      worried about being cold, even though it only going down to the high
      forties at night. Surprise! I slept like a log, I mean seriously
      deep,dreaming like mad sleep! The strange part was that I slept so
      well in my hammock, and my brother said he damn near froze sleeping
      in his tent on a thermarest, fully clothed, with a sleeping bag.
      This was truly the best nights sleep I have ever had in 30 years of

      The hike was great, even in the height of the mosquito and biting
      fly hatch. Several miles of the trail was either through or along
      swamps, and we had swarms of mosquitos following us for miles. We
      didn't get bit! We both treated our hiking clothes, my hammock, and
      his tent with Permethrin a couple days prior to our hike, and used a
      little cutters bug spray on our hands. We were a little skeptical of
      the permethrin, but I am now a believer in the stuff.

      Also, we picked a great stealth camping site up on a ridge, and we
      never saw another human being until we hiked out onto the road.
      Beautiful country, a great section of trail, and great nights sleep
      in my hammock.