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19342Re: Measure of the ropes

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  • ypsyculman
    Aug 21, 2008

      In answer to the question:

      When do you buy the hammock attached net+tarp (like the products from
      Clark Jungle, Hennessy, etc), how much ropes/straps come with them? Do
      you need to buy another ones because is not enough or they "do the

      Hennesy Hammocks come with 4 ft. straps, although a 6 ft. and 8
      ft. are available for an extra charge. I highly recomend the expense of
      at least the 6 ft. ones. A wrap with only 4' on most trees does not
      leave much, and, for a tree much over 1' dia. there is not enought to
      wrap at all. The 4' straps can be combined with the 6' if need be, but
      here in New England I have never needed both, the 6' is all I carry.
      Straps don't slip or roll down the tree.
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