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1932Re: Hammock Camping Snake Skins

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  • Chester Clocksin
    Jun 30, 2003
      I leave the fly attached and use the snakeskins over the hammock and fly. To pack up the hammock, I roll the hammock body up the ridgeline, and then grab the the bottom of both sides of the fly at the guy out points, hold it upright so that the rolled hammock body is inside the fly (like a taco), and roll up the fly from the guyout points to the ridgeline. I then hold onto the center and slide the snakeskins over the whole think. This method allows me to bot setup and take down the hammock even in the rain, without getting the wet.
      Tripp Clark <muscogeeoa@...> wrote:
      After my first few nights with my HH, I purchased some Snake Skins. I
      have not yet used the HH w/ the Snake Skins in the backcountry.  
      Initially, I have installed them over the hammock only, and not the
      tarp.  This I did for the same reason that when tent camping I always
      put my tent and tarp in different stuff sacks -- to avoid packing a
      wet tarp with my dry tent (and then that night having a wet tent). 
      It does, however, appear that it would be exceedingly convenient to
      pack everything in the Snake Skins.  So, my question is, for those of
      you who use the Snake Skins, do you install them to include or
      exclude the tarp, and what are your reasons for choosing that way?

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