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19292Re: Organizing myself Inside HH

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  • Sandy Kramer
    Aug 11, 2008
      I live in Florida and although it can get chilly, I don't plan on
      real winter hanging. I just got the JRB Shenandoah Summer under
      quilt that can also be used as a top quilt - you can for the foot box
      by the velcro strips. It was on sale for $150.

      I have the Feathered Friends Rock Wren (the red one in the picture)
      down sleeping bag. It has a drawstring bottom and zippered arm
      holes. You can wear it and read comfortably. Easy to get in and out
      of the hammock while wearing the Rock Wren.


      sandy in miami

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Cara Lin Bridgman
      <cara.lin@...> wrote:
      > Hi Tom,
      > You've asked twice about how to get you and everything else inside
      an HH
      > without having to become a contortionist. Sorry we've not been
      > answering your question. I'm noticing some lag time in the
      arrivals of
      > some emails. This must be a yahoo glitch, but it is more common
      > HammockCamping than with other groups. Whatever it is, it's
      > and it often results in emails getting lost.
      > So, I'm glad you have asked again.
      > Others on this list or on the net have used your system of pad and
      > sleeping bag inside an HH and they're happy with it(e.g.
      > <http://hikinghq.net/gear/hennessey_hammock.html>). For them, the
      > seems to be getting everything laid out properly. Also look at the
      > hammock reviews at BackpackGearTest.org:
      > <http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Shelters/Hammocks/>. Some
      > the reviewers describe how they load up the hammocks.
      > I tried the pad, pillow, bag routine when I first got my hammock
      > decided that I was spending way too much time getting in my own
      way. It
      > was a great workout and guaranteed that I was warm before going to
      > sleep! I've since coughed up the cash for the Jacks R Better
      system of
      > underquilts and over quilts (<http://jacksrbetter.com/>). I bought
      > their three season set because it was cheaper. I now wish I'd
      > two no-snivellers instead of the three-season set.
      > Anyway, the underquilt solved most of my problem by eliminating the
      > and having to climb into the sleeping bag and zip it up. This left
      > thrashing about in the hammock with my pillow and overquilt. For
      > this is manageable. My raingear is usually my pillow, because I
      > need much pillow when in a hammock. Then I have a quilt that goes
      over me.
      > Some people on this list seem to put everything inside their HH
      > them, including boots hanging from the ridge line. I've found that
      > less I have in the HH with me, the happier I am and the easier it
      is for
      > me to get in and out without a whole lot of hullabaloo.
      > CL
      > Tom wrote:
      > > Any tricks for an old guy getting pad,pillow and sleeping bag and
      > > self all in the right place easily? Frustrated!
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