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19259Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: would this work to hold line?

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  • Douglas Campbell
    Aug 8, 2008
      I just have to Ditto the case for knots. I only use about 3 or 4 easy knots
      for my hammocking. One time I was on vacation on the Oregon coast and
      didn't bring a hammock with me. I thought it would be really nice for the
      state park we were going to stay in. So I stopped by Walmart, grabbed a 50'
      bag of 3/8 yellow polypropylene hollow braid rope, 15' of their cheap
      webbing and 3 yards of a suitable $1/yard fabric. A few knots and 20
      minutes later I had a hammock that was perfectly comfortable for any
      situation (and I still have that same setup 3 years later!). I would have
      spend quite a bit more buying extra hardware to replace the knots.

      Just my two cents worth.

      Doug Campbell

      PS: I know how to tie a handcuff knot, but I've not actually used it.<g>

      On 8/8/08, Carey Parks <Carey@...> wrote:
      > And I was just taking the opportunity to champion the case of knots.
      > (note the plural.) If one knows knots and chooses to use a device, that's
      > their choice. I have not cut the plastic clips off my HH rig yet, and I do
      > have a biner or two clipped to my backpack harness in case I need to make a
      > rescue harness. But I'll still promote knot-craft every chance I get.
      > There's a line in an Irish song that goes "You can spend a fourtune, but you
      > can't spend a trade." I'll paraphrase that - you might not always have a
      > gizmo, but you'll away's have a skill.
      > Have you shown your hubby that you know how to tie an handcuff knot yet? Or
      > are you saving that for when you really need it? <g>
      > C
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      > Carey,
      > I was just trying to point out things from the knot-handicapped point of
      > view. This was a bit of a struggle, because I do knots and always
      > have. If there are people that can't open jars of spaghetti, then there
      > are people that can't tie their shoes and they thank God for vecro and
      > buckles and slip-on shoes.
      > Alternatives exist because it is good to have many ways of doing
      > something. Just one knot won't solve all knot problems. There are
      > times when knot substitutes actually are better because they reduce
      > friction (i.e. biners).
      > Knots are definitely underused. They're also underestimated. My own
      > husband says the whole purpose of knots is to make pretty knots. I've
      > argued that the whole point of pretty knots is being able to undo them.
      > He doesn't have any real appreciation for the function of different
      > knots. He ties great idiot knots (yes, they keep the water out of his
      > sleeping bag, but they keep me from unpacking his sleeping bag). He
      > does tie a good taunt-line hitch. For all of the hiking he's done, the
      > taunt-line hitch is about all he's needed to know. He's happy undoing
      > his own idiot knots--sometimes with a knife.
      > CL
      > Carey Parks wrote:
      > > Are you saying the existence of these things proves knots are not better,
      > or that people prefer to not learn knots? "Can't do knots." I think that's a
      > choice. I don't know anyone who can't tie their shoes. Knots are not rocket
      > science.
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