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19256RE: [Hammock Camping] Re: would this work to hold line?

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  • Carey Parks
    Aug 8 7:09 AM
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      Are you saying the existence of these things proves knots are not better, or that people prefer to not learn knots? "Can't do knots." I think that's a choice. I don't know anyone who can't tie their shoes. Knots are not rocket science.

      I always have one more knot if I need one. I have always had one handy when I needed it, and I never have to grope the bottom of my pack to find one. I have plenty to share with others, and they work regardless of the size of the line being used.

      In a way I consider knot tying a basic outdoor skill, like reading a compass or building a fire. True you can start a fire with a lighter or with a couple sticks and not everyone can do the latter. But it would be good if they could if they needed to.

      Sorry, here's the soap box if anyone wants it next. Knots are so useful and so under-used. Maybe cartoons should do more with knots when kids are young...

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      I know people who cannot even open a jar of spaghetti. Heaven forbid
      hammocking should discriminate against the knot-handicapped.

      Some people just can't do knots. So, we've lots of devices to help them

      Even for the knot-handy, these devices can be really convenient.

      Think about all the velcro closures on shoes.

      Think about the JRB quilts. They're attached to bungies with a biner.
      Knots would work just as well and save 6 g (0.2 oz) per biner.

      Think about the Hennessey hammocks. The tarp comes with plastic loops
      on each corner that can hook into the hook attached to the spectra with
      a prussik knot. Attaching the tarp to the hammock spectra with a
      taunt-line hitch would work just as well, would be lots lighter, and
      wouldn't take that much more time.

      As for special do-whichies as knot substitutes, I've lost some good
      shackles to the mud on the bottom of the lake. At least rope and string
      floats long enough to pick up out of the water.


      Bill Keiser wrote:
      > i don't understand, what is the matter with using a knot?

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