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19255RE: [Hammock Camping] Re: would this work to hold line?

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  • Carey Parks
    Aug 8, 2008
      Nothing! I think people just have this concept that knots are hard to tie
      and harder to untie. Which can be true if you don't choose the right knot
      for the purpose, and the line you are tying it in. The spectra stuff is
      interesting, because some of it doesn't want to take a sharp bend that some
      knots require to cinch tight. That said, there are knots that will work.

      I'd say if you learn a bowline, tautline or midshipman's hitch, rolling or
      timber hitch, and a butterfly knot you're good on line.

      Knots in to be tied in webbing are different than knots for braided line.
      The webbing likes to be kept flat(ish) if you want to untie it. A water knot
      is a simple and useful knot for webbing.

      That should get a backpacker thru most of what they would encounter. But if
      one gets interested in the study of knots, there's all kinds of things that
      can be done, like fashion a rescue harness our of one of your tree huggers
      for example.

      Remember - if you can't tie a good knot, tie plenty of them!!

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      i don't understand, what is the matter with using a knot?
      a few years ago i went to a boat show. one of the booths there had a
      buxom young lady promoting their product, a nylon device that fastened
      two ropes together. basically it was a plastic split bolt like they
      use for electrical cable.
      she fashionably demonstrated how it worked by inserting two ropes
      into the slot and tightening the nut. when i asked her how that was
      better than using a knot, the demonstration kind of came to an awkward
      pause. she suggested that some people don't know how to tie knots. i
      suggested that people like that have no business on a boat. she was
      very nice and gave me a free sample. i have it around here somewhere.
      i hope i can find it on a cold rainy night on the deck of a boat when
      i need to fasten two ropes together.

      > Looking through a sailing catalog, I came across this piece of
      > hardware. It looks like it would work on a hammock line -
      > http://www.apsltd.com/Tree/d273000/e270515.asp

      > For almost the same price, you can get a pair of straps from JRB
      > with their new AL tri-glides. I used them with a pair of
      > lightweight climbing
      > carabiners to hang my HH in the Poconos a few weeks ago.

      > <http://www.jacksrbetter.com/index_files/Hammock%20Strap%20Set.htm>

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