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19248Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Knots in Spectra

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Aug 5, 2008
      Hi Dave,

      If I tied and retied the bowline or alpine butterfly with each use on
      each trip, they would probably come undone without too much cussing.
      Tying the knot in spectra, leaving it there on a 'permanent' basis, and
      sleeping in the hammock for a week or more will result in quick release
      knots tightening into non-quick release knots. Both the bowline and
      alpine butterfly were a pain to undo, but the alpine butterfly was
      definitely easier.

      As for how I hang my hammocks--I do not use a truckers hitch to tension
      the line, but to adjust head vs foot heights. I like my hammocks loose
      and floppy and have always like them loose and floppy (since 1980,
      anyway). Even my Hennessey is usually hung loose and floppy (at a
      guess, with 20-30* angles)--the ridge line is not that tight and things
      hung from the ridge line can cause considerable sag. This method of
      hanging a Hennessey is almost loose and floppy enough to negate the
      value of a ridgeline (i.e., as long as it keeps the netting out of my
      face...) Why do I do hang it this way? It is so much more comfortable
      and I have so many more options on how to sleep in it (sometimes even on
      the wrong diagonal). Naturally, this sort of loose and floppy results
      in less stress on everything, but ropes will still bind--especially
      spectra, as I am finding out.

      I have only been reporting my personal experience in the matter and my
      personal preferences for hanging. As a result of my experience and
      preferences, I've decided not to put knots in my spectra and to return
      to a Hennessey Wrap. I also decided to post my experience because I
      thought it might help other hammockers with their knotting choices.

      As for me, I've a 10-day hiking trip coming up in which to find out how
      I feel about the Hennessey Wrap (this will also be the first real trial
      of hammocking on Taiwan's trails). In other words, I suspect that when
      I first got my Hennessey, I was too quick to give up on the Hennessey
      Wrap, switching to knots I know and have experience with. Frankly,
      Spectra is the absolute first type of rope I've bumped into that gives
      me a hard time releasing over-tightened quick-release knots (second
      hardest is any sort of bungie).

      Some of it is this: you have to be here and you have to be playing with
      the Hennessey spectra before you'll really understand the problems.

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