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19240Re: [Hammock Camping] would this work to hold line?

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Aug 3 9:02 PM
      I'm a sailor and use things like this. I agree with John in that these
      vang cleats can abrade rope. Also, they are not meant to hold that sort
      of weight. For that location on the boom of a sailboat, there just are
      not that many forces pulling on it. It's not like the sail is going to
      rip off the boom or is pulling towards the mast. The main purpose of
      the vang cleat there is to tighten up the sail to improve performance.

      Elsewhere in a boat are heavier cleats to hold sheets for jibs and mast.
      The forces pulling on the main sheet (the rope that controls the main
      sail) can be considerable. There are other gizmos involved to help hold
      the sheet. Almost always, there's a hand nearby to catch it, too. I've
      seen ropes slip in them--so they need monitoring. The purpose of these
      cleats is to help keep the sailor from getting worn out holding the rope.

      So, yes, it will hold line, but probably not that consistently or
      reliably. For sleeping in a hammock, we require consistence and
      reliability. Besides, living here in Taiwan, I'd have a really hard
      time replacing abraded spectra, but tree-hugger-like webbing is
      available all over the place.

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