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192Re: Question on the Jungle Hammock

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  • starnescr <starnescr@yahoo.com>
    Jan 18, 2003
      Hi Jodi

      I understood you to say you had an old jungle hammock which you did
      not trust. I agreed. But as a Jason and David have already
      confirmed, there are better choices. Jason has sacrificesed a tooth
      to prove it. My experience was negative. Jason says if you learn to
      hang it right it works fair but he still wants to get somethin more
      user friendly. I think he will find the surplus hammock useless
      after he tries his Speer Hammock. YMMV

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "J Cornelius" <dojers@c...>
      > Someone on here (I could look up on the archives but since I'm
      > ready to go to work I figured I'd just re-ask here and have the
      > waiting when I get home from work! <grin>) mentioned that the
      > Hammock wasn't a good idea - could you elaborate on that??
      > Thanks
      > Jodi
      > Abnormality IS the normality at this locality!
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