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19182Silnylon tarps

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  • Sandy Kramer
    Jul 21, 2008
      I've just ordered the JRB Shenandoah summer quilt - it's on sale for
      $150 (reg about almost $200). I'm still using my Byer's Moskito
      Traveller (I have a double Treklight for rec use) and I think the
      quilt, which can be used as an underquilt will be useful for parts of
      the year in Fl.

      I'm checking into silnylon tarps now. I think the aggravation of
      sewing silnylon plus buying the extras might not be worth it. $8.98
      yard at Quest Outdoor Fabrics ($6.20 for their seconds)I haven't
      found any large amount at my local wal-mart for $1/yard...tho I have
      a smaller piece, which I must have gotten there. Got plenty of the
      coated nylon, tho.

      Anyway, via google I found a posting by Youngblood on the seam he
      sewed that is not a flat felled. Could not access his link. Dave,
      could you post that info please. I am familiar with French seams and
      still don't understand the difference.

      I had ordered Jay's kit and was sooooo stupid. I cut the tarp size
      for a single...I believe I trimmed off 5" on both sides and the
      thought of sewing it back doesn't seem to make much sense. I
      remember getting stuck with the beak. Need to go back and dig it out.

      I think I would like a 10 x 10 tarp, but most of them seem to be 8x8
      or 8x10, or 10x12.

      Would appreciate some comments.

      sandy in miami
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